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You, the jury: plays are giving power to the people

Drama invites judgment. One of the oldest plays in the western canon, The Oresteia, ends with Athenian jurors deciding whether Orestes should be condemned for matricide. Ferdinand von Schirach’s Terror, a courtroom drama getting its British premiere...

Reviews / Blog - 1 year ago

Edinburgh festival 2017: what to see and where to go

Traverse I’m looking forward to Gary McNair’s Trump-inspired Locker Room Talk, about the way men talk about women, and his show Letters to Morrissey, which is about fandom. I am nervous and thrilled at the prospect of Wild Bore, in which Zoë Coombs...

Reviews / Blog - 1 year ago

Why every day should be Baby Day at the theatre

It’s Sunday afternoon on a bright spring day, and the foyer of the Lyric Belfast is stuffed with prams and families. In the main house, Cahoots NI’s production of Nivelli’s War, a stirring tale of wartime friendship and survival, has just finished....